Theatre Café Webinar Series

The final leg of the Theatre Café Festival Europe 2014 – 2015 has involved making a webinar series filled with expertise in writing and creating theatre for young audiences.

The Theatre Café Webinar Series contains:

  • Interviews with 20 different playwrights, directors and dramaturges
  • From 5 different countries
  • A total of 84 videos
  • Presented in practical 5-10 minute instalments
  • All interviews are in English

Single and multi part interviews

The embedded playlist above contains all the single part interviews and the first video of all the multi part interviews in the Theatre Café Webinar Series. See the individual playlists at to watch the rest of the multi part interviews.

We hope you find both insight and inspiration!


Links for the interviews
The main subjects discussed are written beneath each name.

Rob Drummer (Dramaturg, Bush Theatre, UK) – 2 parts
Programming and developing theatre for young audiences

Bo Anders Sundstedt (Artistic Director, Akershus Teater, NO) – 1 part
Programming theatre for young audiences

Kristofer Blindheim Grønskag (Playwright, NO) – 6 parts
Dramaturgy, strategies for writing, the relationship with the dramaturg, European Writers Lab

Thomas Howalt (Playwright, DK) – 1 part
Playwriting vs. creating video games for children

Anna Bro (Playwright, DK) – 1 part
Devising versus writing alone, challenging content

Linn Meyer Kongshavn (Theatre Director, NO) – 1 part
Status of theatre for young audiences in Norway

Kate Cross (Director, The Egg, UK) – 1 part
Writing for toddlers

Paul Russell Garrett (Translator, CA/UK) – 1 part
Translation work for young audiences

David Somner (Centre Manager, Stanley Halls, UK) – 1 part
Programming for young audiences

Tal Jakubowiczova (Artistic Director, Hide&Seek Theatre, Israel/UK) – 1 part
Whose stories do we tell?

Al Barclay (Actor, UK) – 1 part
Acting in theatre for young audiences

Arthur Johansen (Playwright and screen writer, NO) – 7 parts
Dramaturgy, playwriting versus screen writing, collaboration in the writing process, Can art be traumatic?

Peder Opstad (Artistic Director, Grimsborken, NO) – 7 parts
Programming, devising, performing in schools

Lisa M. Nagel (Dramaturg, NO) – 8 parts
Interactive dramaturgies

Torgrim Mellum Stene (Storyteller, NO) – 7 parts
Documentary theatre, truth and myth, the relationship with the audience, Can art be traumatic?, interactive dramaturgies

Kate Pendry (Playwright and actress, UK/NO) – 5 parts
Political and challenging content, truth in fact based works, writing for young actors

Katinka Rydin Berge (Artistic Director, Kompani Camping, NO) – 7 parts
Research based and documentary theatre

Liv Heløe (Playwright, NO) – 6 parts
International collaboration, personal writing process

Cici Henriksen (Festival Director, SPKRBOX, NO) – 7 parts
What is hiphoptheatre?, hiphoptheatre as a mode of expression for young audiences

Tale Næss (Playwright and dramaturg, NO) – 8 parts
Programming, Whose aesthetics do we offer?, Is theatre for young audiences in a creative crisis?, mentoring a playwright, the will of the play, dramaturgy, mentoring yourself

Agate Øksendal Kaupang (Playwright and novelist, NO) – 5 parts
Writing for DUS (Connections), personal writing process, the relationship with the dramaturg, theatre industry versus publishing industry


Panel debates at Theatre Café Festival Oslo
In collaboration with Kanal Scenekunst and Norsk Scenekunstbruk we also filmed the panel debates at the Theatre Café Festival Oslo symposium in April 2014. You can watch those videos here:

Panel debate: Devising vs. playwriting in theatre for young audiences
Panel debate: The Nordic countries vs. the rest of Europe – similarities and differences in theatre for young audiences
Interview: The Returning by Fredrik Brattberg
Interview with Theatre Café Festival playwrights



About the webinar series

The Theatre Café Webinar Series is created as part of Theatre Café Festival 2014 – 2015, a pan-European project aiming to spread great, new plays for young audiences between the European countries. Theatre Café is a concept by Company of Angels (UK), and the partners 2014 – 2015 have been Imploding Fictions / Oslo Internasjonale Teater (NO), GRIPS Theater (DE) and de Toneelmakerij (NL).

The interviews are conducted by Øystein Ulsberg Brager (NO) and produced by Oslo International Theatre.

For more info see:

Thanks to Dramatikkens hus, Assitej Norway and Norske Dramatikeres Forbund for their generous support. 


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