Fredrik Brattberg

Fredrik Brattberg photo Dag Jensen

Fredrik Brattberg (Norway)

Fredrik Brattberg (born 1978) is a composer and playwright. He has written plays like Det banker, Amadeus, Besøk hos familien Hansen halv syv and Monsemann. Tilbakekomstene (The returns / Retours) was chosen for the Norwegian Playwriting Festival in 2011 and the international Festival of Contemporary Playwrights 2011 in Copenhagen. The original production was produced by the Norwegian National Theatre. The play has since been produced by the Indonesian theatre company Mainteater in Bandung and as a reading by American Scandinavian Theater Company in New York. Fredrik Brattberg received the prestigious Norwegian Ibsen Award for Tilbakekomstene in 2012.

Retours will be presented as a guest production by Compagnie Divine Comedie at Theatre Café Festival Oslo 2014. The performance will be in French with English subtitles.

Fredrik Brattberg is represented by Colombine Teaterförlag.

Photo: Dag Jensen

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