Richard Stirling

Richard Stirling is a London based writer and actor. He has appeared in films such as Woody Allen’s Scoop, Mrs Dalloway, War Requiem and Little Dorrit and TV dramas such as Great Expectations, Conquer the Castle, Our mutual friend, The Secret Agent and Jeeves and Wooster. He is the author of a biography on Julie Andrews and curated her 70th birthday party at the British Film Institute. He is the writer of Over My Shoulder, a musical about Jessie Matthews. Most recently Richard Stirling wrote Seven Other Children as a response to Caryl Churchill’s Seven Jewish Children, in a bid to provide balance to the heated debate provoked by the play.

Philip Thorne, dramaturg for OIT

Oslo Internasjonale Teater gjorde en iscenesatt lesning av Richard Stirlings Sju Andre Barn i november 2009.

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Oslo Internasjonale Teater (OIT) presenterte internasjonal samtidsdramatikk som ikke tidligere har vært spilt i Norge fra 2009 - 2018. OIT ble drevet av det internasjonale teaterkollektivet Imploding Fictions.
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