Om Nattblind

– A short synopsis –

Nachblind is a story about growing up, cutting ties, about confusing love and violence and about being caught up in a web of dependance. Leyla is a teenager with a desire for something beyond the drab reality of everyday life. At home her life is breaking apart. Leyla’s father has left for a younger woman, her mother refuses to acknowledge this, and her younger brother Rico lets out his anger by threatening kids in the neighbourhood. But at night Leyla leaves all this behind and builds her dream world, a world of clouds and castles… She finds transgression and release in the strong arms of ‘der Große’ (Kjempen) who brings chaos and excitement into her life. He takes her onto his shoulders and together they go on nightly tagging sprees through the city, transforming grey facades into wild colourful fantasies. He says he loves her so much that if she left he would kill her. He expresses his passion by beating Leyla.

Then Mo enters Leyla’s life, a shy but articulate boy who works as a car mechanic, although he has dreams of becoming a physicist. Mo and Leyla are social worlds apart, though they are both figuring out what it means to grow up. A loving and tender relationship grows between the two of them and unlike ‘der Große’, this is a relationship based not on servility but freedom. Leyla is stuck between conflicting emotional bonds, but she has to make a decision and it will be the decision of her life.

Philip Thorne, dramaturg for Oslo Internasjonale Teater

Oslo Internasjonale Teater presenterer Nattblind av Darja Stocker for første gang på norsk i en iscenesatt lesning på Dramatikkens Hus tirsdag 15. mars 2011 kl. 19.00.

Om oitadmin

Oslo Internasjonale Teater (OIT) presenterte internasjonal samtidsdramatikk som ikke tidligere har vært spilt i Norge fra 2009 - 2018. OIT ble drevet av det internasjonale teaterkollektivet Imploding Fictions.
Dette innlegget ble publisert i Bakgrunnsmateriale. Bokmerk permalenken.

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