Tiago Rodrigues

Tiago Rodrigues photo Magda Bizarro

Tiago Rodrigues (Portugal)

As a playwright Tiago Rodrigues has written texts like Three fingers below the knee, If a window would open and Another day (study 1). He has also contributed to a large number of devised projects as a writer, director and performer. He shares the artistic direction of the Portuguese theatre company Mundo Perfeito with Magda Bizarro. The company is organized around Rodrigues’ artistic works, but they also produce work with other portuguese and international artists and authors. Now celebrating a decade of work with Mundo Perfeito, Rodrigues is considered by the Portuguese press as one of the most influential young artists in Portugal.

Tiago Rodrigues has written Sadness and joy in the life of giraffes which will be presented as a rehearsed reading by OIT at Theatre Café Festival Oslo 2o14.

Thanks to Camões – the Portugese cultural institute and the Portugese Embassy for support towards bringing Tiago Rodrigues to Oslo.

Photo: Magda Bizarro

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