Vår forestilling om Sara by Michael Ramløse and Kira Elhauge

Vår forestilling om Sara foto

Vår forestilling om Sara (Our show about Sara) by Michael Ramløse & Kira Elhauge (Denmark)

Norwegian translation by Peder Opstad

One cold, early morning, so dank and moist it creeps into your bones and the only thing you want to do is to pull your duvet over your head and shut the world out… a scream is heard. Sara is gone.

Vår forestilling om Sara is a touching story about a happy, harmonious girl who end up almost loosing her life because of bullying. The play neither moralizes nor provides solutions, but focus on depicting how the bullying affects Sara and how hard it is for her parents to interfere.

Production history
The play has been produced by the Danish theatre company Teatret FAIR PLAY in two different versions; as a two hander in 2000-2003 and in a version for three actors in 2008-2010. They have done more than 200 performances of the two versions. The play has also been produced by 15 theatres in German speaking countries, three of which still keep the production in their repertoir today. In Norway, Teater Grimsborken has performed Vår forestilling om Sara several hundred times since 2011. The production is still touring.

Read more about Michael Ramløse and Kira Elhauge here.

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Rights to the Norwegian translation: Peder Opstad

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Grimsborken (Norway)
The Norwegian theatre company Grimsborken was established in 1998, and is one of the country’s leading touring theatre companies for children and young people. The company is lead by actor and director Peder Opstad. They perform all over Norway, and have toured a number of productions with The Cultural Backpack (the Norwegian national programme for culture and the arts for schools). They are one of few independent companies in Norway who discover and produce international plays for young audiences.

Vår forestilling om Sara will be performed as a guest production by Teater Grimsborken at Theater Café Festival Oslo 2014. The performance will be in Norwegian.

Regi: Henrik Steen Larsen
Produsent og norsk oversettelse: Peder Opstad
Manus: Michael Ramløse og Kira Elhauge
Design: Cathrine Gåre Opstad
Skuespillere: Ingebjørg Buen, Hanne Amalie Smedstad, Sveinung Oppegaard

Foto: Peder Opstad

The project has received support from Statens Kunstråds Litteraturudvalg / the Danish Arts Council.

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.

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