Chandni Mistry and Tal Jakubowiczova

Chandni Mistry

Chandni Mistry (UK)
Chandni is a young Asian-British actress. She trained at Bath Spa University studying ensemble work, devising and site-specific theatre. Making theatre is not just a passion, but it is what she needs to do… and that is why playing, creating and learning as a part of Hide & Seek Theatre is essential to keeping her imagination constantly running wild.

Tal Jakubowiczova

Tal Jakubowiczova (ISR)
Now based in London, Tal studied Acting in Israel at Sofi Moskovich’s school, focusing on the physical side of theatre. She also studied clowning (Phillipe Gaulier) and puppetry (Little Angel Theatre). She founded Hide & Seek in order to create her own work that would speak in more then just words. She has recently started her own business, Theatre Aid, helping emerging performers create their own work. She now lives in London and is artistic director of Hide & Seek Theatre.

Read more about Hide & Seek Theatre here.
Read more about Theatre Aid here.

Hide & Seek Theatre will perform Radha is looking good by Chandni Mistry and Tal Jakuboviczova as a guest production at Theater Café Festival Oslo 2014. The performance will be in English.

For rights or booking contact Hide & Seek Theatre.

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