Radha is looking good by Chandni Mistry and Tal Jakubowitczova


Radha is Looking Good  by Chandni Mistry (UK) and Tal Jakubowitczova (ISR)

A devised one woman show

Radha is 24.
Radha goes to college every day.
Radha weighs 13st and 11 pounds.
Radha likes apples –but not red apples, only green ones.
Radha is spelt R-A-D-H-A.
Radha is autistic.
Radha is 24 years old.
She doesn’t speak.
Only in her head – where the audience is.

This is a rare opportunity to hear her thoughts, dreams and feelings, her loves and hates, and her darkest fears. A frank and touching insight into a young autistic girl’s dreams.

Production history
Radha is Looking Good has been performed at, The Brockley Jack Theatre (London), The Rosemary Branch Theatre (London), The Pleasance (London), Marlborough Theatre (Brighton Fringe Festival), Artscene festival in Gent (Belgium), Wandsworth Arts Festival (London),

‘Energetic and engaging performance’
Broadway Baby, Marlborough Theatre, 2012

‘…a delicate handling of a serious subject and narrative…satisfies dramatic appetite’
StageWon, Pleasance Theatre, 2012.

Rights or booking: Hide & Seek Theatre

Read more about Chandni Mistry and Tal Jakubowiczova here.

Hide & Seek Theatre will perform Radha is looking good by Chandni Mistry and Tal Jakubowiczova as a guest production at Theater Café Festival Oslo 2014. The performance will be in English.

Hide & Seek Theatre (UK)
Hide & Seek Theatre is a UK-based theatre company committed to making new innovative physical theatre and to exploring ways of expressing an idea in the space by transferring thoughts and feelings into shapes, movement, dynamic and sounds. The work varies from short solos to full length shows and is heavily influenced by physical theatre, clowning, mime, dance, and everything else in between.

Hide and Seek logoWith an impressive joint cultural heritage as rich and varied as the theatre we aim to create, Hide and Seek Theatre Company is made up of Tal Jakubowiczova (artistic director), Chandni Mistry and Gloria Sanders. This melting pot of Israeli, Indian and Spanish culture gives the company both a strong set of individual identities and also propels their mutual desire to create explorative and curious work which uses innovation in story telling to leave the audience questioning their own identity.

Photo: Hide & Seek Theatre

With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.

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